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Water, our most precious commodity has taken centre stage as a looming crisis encroaches. As more and more people migrate into cities from rural villages the pressure for the city to meet the water demands is ever increasing.


South Africa as well as other parts of Sub-Saharan Africa are fast approaching water scarcity either through climatic change or economic reasons. It has now become more important than every to monitor, manage and conserve our water resources.

Key contact numbers for the relevant water and sanitation departments:

Ethekwini Municipality Water And Sanitation+27 31 311 1111Ethekwini Municipality Water And Sanitation
Johannesburg Water+27 11 029 4610Johannesburg Water
Mangaung Water and Sanitation+27 51 410 6764Mangaung Water and Sanitation
Mpumalanga Department of Water Affairs+27 13 759 7300
Nelson Mandela Water Services0800205050Nelson Mandela Water Services
Tswane Water and Sanitation+27 21 358 9999Tswane Water and Sanitation
Western Cape Department Of Water and Sanitation+27 21 941 6000Western Cape Department Of Water and Sanitation

Water Use in South Africa

Agricultural Use (including irrigation)60%
Environmental Use18%
Urban & Domestic Use11.5%
Mining & Industrial Use10.5%
(Source: Nature Divided Land Degradation in South Africa, Ashwell, A & Hoffman, T, 2001)

Water use in households

 Low-Income HouseholdMid to High-Income Household
Baths & Showers19%32%
Washing MachineNA17%
Other eg. cooking, washing dishes and clothes, drinking, etc.8%14%
(Source: Water - How is it used at home, HE Jacobs, LC Geustyn and BF Loubser, 2005)

In the news

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    With just 100 days of water left, Cape Town risks running dry

    2017-03-17 04:52

    Supply should last until rainy season, may run out by 2019. Be water wise, help conserve water by being aware of your usage and guarding against unnecessary loss - LeakAlertTM.

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    Mandela Bay on brink of disaster as water crisis deepens

    2017-03-07 20:24

    The Nelson Mandela Bay municipality is on the brink of being declared a disaster area as the water crisis deepens, mayor Athol Trollip said on Tuesday. Be water wise, help conserve water by being aware of your usage and guarding against unnecessary loss - LeakAlertTM.

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    Water disaster declared... but Cape must still save water

    2017-03-07 16:46

    Cape Towns local disaster declaration is valid for three months, but could be extended on a month-to-month basis, Mayor Patricia de Lille said on Monday. Help conserve water - LeakAlertTM.

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    Check for water leaks, says water-wary Cape Town

    2017-03-01 22:37

    Cape Town is currently experiencing one of it's worst droughts in years. All residents are being emplored to use water sparingly and monitor their usage. LeakAlertTM is the perfect solution to assist in keeping oversight of usage and preventing waste by shutting off water consumption and alerting you if a leak is detected.

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    South Africa water shortage sends workers on loo trip

    2017-02-31 15:21

    A water crisis at the social development department in Pienaar, Mpumalanga, has forced employees to leave the building to find working toilets.

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    Cape Town's top 100 water consumers revealed

    2017-02-27 22:21

    Cape Town homeowners are being named and shamed in an urgent effort to have household water consumption reduced. We all want to conserve water, one of our most precious commodities, LeakAlertTM is a great solution to assist in identifying patterns of water usage and providing a guide in adjusting consumption accordingly.

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    Bay could run dry by next June

    2017-02-20 08:37

    Nelson Mandela Bay has about 493 days worth of water stored in its five supply dams.

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    ANALYSIS: This water crisis won't be Cape Town's last

    2017-02-18 07:05

    Dry periods are longer. Rainfall is driven more by meteorological events and falls over shorter periods, rather than over the general swathe of the cold front system experienced in the past. This makes rainfall difficult to predict.

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    The future of water conservation

    2017-01-20 10:21

    dTect Solution (Pty) Ltd has launched a new product in conjuction with their commercial offering GatewayPro, to assist homeowners in conserving water by detecting and shutting off water if a leak is picked up and providing insight into water usage patterns for a shift in the way we consume our water.