We are continuously striving to add further information to this website regarding customer concerns or queries. This section will continue to grow as we are able to provide the relevant feedback regarding the solution.

Yes, the solution is researched, manufactured and supported in South Africa. We have a dedicated team of engineers working tirelessly on enhancing the solution offering and bringing the customer more detail regarding their water consumption and water management.
LeakAlertTM carries ICASA, and Test AFrica certifications for saftey, EMI and RF operations and will not affect your current certificates of compliance for fire, electrical or plumbing.
Yes. If the solution is installed by an accredited supplier we offer a 1 year warrantee on all parts and material. We have a dedicated support team that will gladly assist should there be any problems with the solution.
In the first year, all reporting and related communications are included in the purchase price. Thereafter you will be notified a month in advance that the anniversary of your purchase is nearing. In order to continue using the online services, regular updates and alerts you will be requested to re-new the subscription to the service for a year at R600.00, failing which the services will lapse.
The beauty of the solution is that a new meter reading is received on the hour every hour to our cloud solution. You are then able to review usage patterns on a 24 hr, daily or monthly basis and extract reporting. There reports can be used to give you a good idea of the consumption occuring for cross reference against what you have received from the municipality. There may be variance, and we do not advocate that these readings be used for bill contestation but rather as a guideline.
There is a default shutoff time on continuous water usage. This is currently set at 30 minutes but can be adjusted. The typical cycle of a washing machine or dishwasher will not consume water continuously, even if the cycle happens to be longer than 30 minutes, so the water should not be affected.